Best Practice Guide for Replacement Windows and Doors

The Best Practice Guide is intended to help industry meet consumer expectations, provide quality installations and achieve high performance for all types of window and door replacement projects. Applying the latest building science, it offers practical information and useful guidelines to help ensure that these products are replaced in a way that improves the durability of building enclosures.


A valuable reference tool for construction industry professionals, including builders, replacement contractors, window and door manufacturers and others, this Guide:

  • Considers the wide variety of current installation practices
  • Explores the range of window and door products available in the market
  • Provides educational information and guidelines
  • Details Building Code requirements for replacement and installation procedures
  • Includes a comprehensive list of installation detailing samples
  • Addresses unique challenges presented by BC's coastal climate

The guide was developed in partnership with the HomeOwners Protection Office, BC Hydro PowerSmart and the City of Vancouver. 


The guide is available in electronic format and printed.  


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