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I/We wish to apply for membership in the Fenestration Association of British Columbia and as such undertake to:

  1. Accept and abide by the Code of Ethics, rules, regulations and the By-Laws of the Association (PDF) and the policies and resolutions of the Board of Directors, including those pertaining to discipline and termination of membership.
  2. Pay annual membership dues (prorated for the first year), for which we will be invoiced.
  3. Pay other assessments as decided on by the Board of Directors for extraordinary expenses.

By signing the application, we authorize the Fenestration Association of BC to make enquiries as necessary in order to establish that:

  1. I/We meet the membership criteria of FENBC; and
  2. Our good repute, honesty and financial responsibility, as well as our management ability and experience in the fenestration industry will make us a valued member of the Fenestration Association of BC.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Application is submitted.
  2. Application is presented to the membership committee.
  3. The application is submitted to the board.
  4. The application is either accepted or denied.
  5. A letter of acceptance or denial is sent to the applying company.

A. Business Information

Please provide contact information for the main business location.

B. Main Individual's Contact Information

Please provide contact information for the main individual contact.

C. CEO & Additional Contact Information

Please provide contact information for other contacts.


Contact 2

Contact 3

References and General Information

Trade references (at least one must be an active FENBC member)

Your Membership Category

  • Regular Membership (Full Membership - Full Voting Rights)

    Refers to companies that are contractors, window and door manufacturers/fabricators, door prehangers, and installers.

  • Supplier Membership (Full Membership - Full Voting Rights)

    Refers to companies that supply materials to the fenestration industry.

    Please select your primary product market:
  • Associate Membership (Full Voting Rights)

    Refers to companies that are consultants, engineers and architects.

    Please select your category:

    Product and/or material market involvement (check all that apply)

F. Membership Dues

Please indicate the correct category and carry over the amount payable. Taxes are applicable.

Partial Years Dues Calculation = Annual Membership Dues ÷ 12 x number of months left in the year
(Dues are prorated based on the date the membership is activated – current month is included in the calculation)

Glazing Systems Specification Manual = $195.00 + applicable taxes (GST)

Please do not send payment. Wait for an invoice from the association.

G. Additional Files

After we have reviewed your application, you will receive an e-mail message asking you to send the following items:

  • Business Card
  • Proof of current liability insurance in the minimum amount of $2,000,000
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of bond ability – if applicable
  • WorkSafe BC Clearance Letter

Please wait until you receive an e-mail requesting your documents before sending them to us.

H. Corporate Representative

Your corporate representative is the contact person authorized by the member company to speak on behalf of the company and to vote at FENBC’s Annual General Meeting.