About Us:

Code of Ethics

Members of the FGIA FENBC Region are expected to adhere to the highest legal, regulatory, and ethical business standards at all times. No member shall at any time conduct themselves in violation of the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws or in a manner which knowingly or negligently will harm the integrity of the  FGIA FENBC Region or the industry in general.

Members of the FGIA FENBC Region, therefore, are committed to:

  1. Provide to their clients products and services that comply with federal, provincial and municipal laws and building codes as they apply in BC. Active disregard for compliance with laws and building codes is not compatible with membership in the FGIA FENBC Region.
  2. Comply with the policies of the FGIA FENBC Region.
  3. Utilize only qualified personnel to ensure that work be carried out to the highest standard.
  4. Operate within all federal and provincial occupational health and safety regulations
  5. Conduct business on the basis of accuracy, truth, integrity and good faith.

The following apply to members that perform commercial contract work.

  1. Strictly adhere to Bid Depository requirements where these are in effect.
  2. Maintain the integrity of the specifications throughout the tendering and post-tender process.

If you are concerned that an FGIA FENBC Region member has breached our associations code of ethics please contact our office.