Technical Documents

Exterior and Interior Condensation on Windows

Read this document to find out the reasons for exterior and interior condensation appears on windows.

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Guidelines on the Use of CSA A440S1-09 (Canadian Supplement) for Determining Fenestration Performance Grades in British Columbia

The introduction of the NAFS standard in the 2012 BC Building Code has changed how we specify fenestration performance in BC. Together  with the NAFS standard it mandated use of CSA A440S1-09, the Canadian Supplement to NAFS, instructing Code users to use the Supplement to determine the appropriate fenestration performance grades (design pressure and water penetration resistance) for a particular building’s location and terrain.

Most users of the Code are not aware of the limitations of the supplement, however, nor are they aware that its definitions of open and rough terrain do not correspond to those in the Code. In addition, the Part 5 code language that refers to NAFS and the Supplement, taken from the 2010 NBCC, does not reflect the role played by professional engineers in ensuring fenestration systems meet the Code’s structural requirements under BC Letters of Assurance.

To rectify these issues the Technical Committee of the Fenestration Association of BC issued this technical bulletin on January 27, 2014. In addition to correcting terrain definitions, it addresses the appropriate use and limitations of the Canadian Supplement. It concludes with recommendations for using the Supplement on Part 9 and Part 3 buildings. The Part 3 recommendations are particularly relevant to architects who are directed by the Code to use the Supplement to determine fenestration performance grades

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NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Canada

This guideline document describes best practices for NAFS-08 labeling of fenestration products in Canada for jurisdictions that have adopted the 2010 National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) or a provincial building code based on the 2010 NBCC. Issued by Fenestration Canada for the benefit of participants in the fenestration industry and for building officials, it is also endorsed by the Fenestration Association of BC. 

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North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) Quick Reference Guide

This summary is intended as a guide only to the major parts of the NAF standard. It is does not absolve the user of fully reviewing all requirements for supplying a product, including but not limited to reviewing project specifications, window schedules, authorities having jurisdiction, etc. Consult the full edition of the NAFS and Canadian Supplement where needed to meet requirements. FEN-BC assumes no liability for errors or omissions from use of this summary.

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Rain Exposure Nomographs

First introduced in the industry guide Best Practices for Window and Door Replacement in Wood-Frame Buildings, these rain exposure nomographs are based on those in CSA A440.4-07, Window, door and skylight installation. Bulletin B13-06 from the BC Building and Safety Standards Branch, dated September, 10, 2013, recognizes the nomograph approach as “an acceptable method to determine whether a door is protected. A door deemed to have a Low exposure at the sill using the CSA nomograph method above may use a door with a Limited Water rating.”

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