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Enermodal Engineering is Canada's largest consulting firm exclusively dedicated to creating green buildings and communities. With a professional staff of over 100 green building specialists in Kitchener, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Vancouver, and Toronto, Enermodal is working on sustainability projects worth over $5 billion. For 30 years, Enermodal has been an industry leader, pioneering some of the most innovative yet practical green building technologies including rainwater cisterns, onsite biofiltration, radiant cooling, building renewable energy systems, and variable flow refrigerant systems. Enermodal's success is rooted in a hands on and technical understanding of building systems and energy use. Enermodal is the foremost LEED? consulting firm, with Enermodal delivering the LEED 2009 Rating System, employees serving as LEED Faculty members, and President Stephen Carpenter appointed chair of the Technical Advisory Committee. This first hand knowledge of LEED is an important contributor to Enermodal's record-breaking 250 LEED projects across North America. Additionally, Enermodal is responsible for one-third of all LEED Canada certified buildings.

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